Who's behind all this?

Jim Craig is the sole proprietor of Planet of Mystery Productions.

He's been in the planetarium field for over 20 years. In that time, he has produced numerous planetarium programs on a wide variety of topics and in a wide variety of formats ranging from live presentations to automated slide based presentations to the modern format of full-dome video.

Here's a bit of information about him.

Southern Oregon University
Ashland, Oregon
Bachelors of Science in Physics
President of Physics Club, 1992-1993
Recipient of NASA/JOVE Scholarship for research in magnetohydrodynamics
Recipient of NASA/JOVE Scholarship for research in remote imaging
Member of Sigma Pi Sigma (ΣΠΣ) Honor Society
Clatsop Community College
Astoria, Oregon
Associate of Arts in General Science (emphasis on Math and Science)
President of Associated Student Body, Inc., 1991
Recipient of Rochester Trust Scholarship for Studies in Math and Science
Member of Phi Theta Kappa (ΦΘΚ) Honor Society

Planetarium Experience
James H. Lynn Planetarium, Schiele Museum of Natural History
Gastonia, North Carolina
Planetarium Director
President of Carolina Association of Planetarium Educators, 2007
  • Maintenance of planetarium equipment
  • Presentation of planetarium programs
  • Staff scheduling and training
  • Writing and research
  • Narration/voice acting
  • Musical arrangement, composition and performance
  • Soundtrack production and audio engineering
  • Illustrator
  • Character and special effects animation
  • Animation modeling, rigging and texturing
  • Animation set design, building and texturing
  • Automation programming
  • DVD production
  • Video production and editing
  • Providing information and interviews to various media outlets including TV, radio and newspapers
Other duties outside the planetarium:
  • Maintenance of video equipment, computers and touch screen displays
  • Consultation, design and programming for museum exhibits
  • Video production and implementation for exhibits and lobby displays
  • Digitization and archiving VHS tapes to DVD and other storage media
Lane ESD Planetarium
Eugene, Oregon
Planetarium Presenter and Producer
  • Presentation of planetarium programs
  • Assist with maintenance of planetarium equipment
  • Writing and research
  • Narration/voice acting
  • Soundtrack production and audio engineering
  • Illustrator

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