January 12, 2019

This month sees a new look for our website and the release of our new mini-program, "The Vacationer's Guide to the Solar System." This program is currently undergoing the final edit and checks but should be available for purchase by the end of January.

We're also involved with a commission so these two projects are keeping us busy with computers rendering 24/7.

In addition to our programs and services, the new site will also include astronomy news, upcoming events and links to activities.

The first major event for 2019 is the upcoming total lunar eclipse on January 20-21, which will be visible across all of North and South America as well as part of western Europe.

You can find more information about where and when to see it by visiting The Time and Date Website.

Also expect a new tutorial on how to set up a camera rig to create all-sky productions using Blender 2.8 with the Eevee renderer. You can see more about Eevee and its real-time capabilities by going to The Blender website.

We've also added a convenient link above so you can follow us on Facebook. Other links will be added as we expand to more social media sites.